Eye Test for Better Sport Vision by Sahu Eye Hospital



    • Hold the cat card at arm’s length at eye level.
    • Then hold a pen half way between the card and your face.
    • Look at the top of the pen. Try and keep it single.
    • Keep looking at the pen and slowly move it towards you. Do not look at the cat card. You will see double; therefore you will see four incomplete Cat images.
    • Slowly move the pen towards you and the four images should turn into three. The middle image will appear complete.
    • Once the middle image is complete try to make it as clear as possible.
    • If you become very good at this exercise, you may be asked to do the exercise without using the pen.
    • After doing the exercise it is very important to relax your eyes, by Looking into the distance, or by closing your eyes for a minute or so.


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